Experienced Closing Services for Your Transaction

At Scout Title & Abstract, we help buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers confidently handle commercial and luxury residential closings.

We offer our expertise with a variety of timely services as we work closely with owners, buyers, title agents, lenders, and more, from the initial drafts to the final closing package.

Closing is more than just signing. It involves expertise in documentation, settlement services, good funds, and, most importantly, listening to the clients.

Scout understands that by following best practices, the closing will culminate in a mutually positive experience for all participants.

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Closing Services from Scout Title

Escrow Services

Scout Title helps ensure accurate, efficient real estate transactions with neutral escrow services. You can expect payments delivered on-time and proactive communication throughout the process.

Division of Charges

When you work with Scout Title, we’ll ensure that all final charges are accurate, correct, and delivered to the party who receives them on time.


Ensuring accurate prorated charges is an essential part of every real estate transaction, and Scout Title always ensures that these sums are accurate for every closing we perform.

And More

Our extensive experience with Texas real estate transactions ensures that closing with Scout Title is a smooth process, delivered on time.

Why Clients Choose Scout Title

Our Commercial & Luxury Residential Expertise

Scout Title specializes in large commercial and residential closings, giving us a high degree of expertise in closing out these sales.

Our Innovative Approach to Doing Business

Scout Title prioritizes technological and interpersonal innovation to provide our clients with more accurate and efficient services.

Our Proactive, Consistent Communication Style

When working with parties trying to close a real estate transaction, communication is vital. We maintain open lines of communication with all parties to ensure a smooth close.

Our Team-Based Approach to Problem-Solving

Scout Title partners with our clients to ensure that every closing goes smoothly. This allows us to provide more efficient and effective closing services.

Our Customized Client Experience

Every real estate transaction is unique. When Scout Title works with parties during the closing, we understand that and accommodate the unique needs of each party.

Efficient Closing Services for Texas Real Estate Transactions

If you’re preparing to close on a commercial or residential property, you need the assurances that an experienced title, escrow, and closing company can provide.

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