Agents & Brokers

The market is ever-changing and competitive. You will want Scout as your loyal partner to help you grow your business. Scout Team will be considered a FAQ for day-to-day questions as well an educational resource in your career. Depend on Scout to guide you through the title process

Purchasers & Sellers

The purchase of property often represents a substantial investment regardless if it is residential or commercial. All parties expect an environment where they are treated fairly and have professionals that are dedicated to the mission of serving their clients. The use of technology is important, but paramount is care that each client receives every time they use Scout.


Commercial expertise is a rare commodity and coupled with a true understanding of commercial language allows Scout to rise above the competition. Trust your next transaction to a team that understands your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our title, escrow, and closing services for home builders and developers in East Texas.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is a policy of indemnity. Whether the insured be an owner or lender, the value of title insurance cannot be underestimated. Matters such as title mistakes, irregularities, fraud, forgery, and unrecorded interests are just a few of the many hazards an owner may encounter. Unlike many forms of insurance, the premium of title insurance is a one-time charge. In the case of the owner’s policy, it would also cover your heirs. You purchase Fire insurance for good cause, so why not title insurance?

Contact a Scout Team Member today and let’s discuss how we may serve you.