Scout Title & Abstract provides escrow and settlement services as a neutral third party in the transaction.

Combined with our exceptional customer support, we coordinate a wide range of critical tasks to ensure a smooth, successful escrow process.

As an escrow agent, Scout Title & Abstract is charged with the fiduciary task of maintaining separate records on each file, confidentiality, and respecting the sanctity of the contract and order. This is not a task that we take lightly.

We’re committed to ensuring these transactions go smoothly before, during, and after the closing date.

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Escrow Services from Scout Title

Commercial Transactions

Scout Title specializes in commercial real estate transactions, and we’re committed to providing our clients with a smooth customer experience when we serve as their escrow company.

Luxury Residential Transactions

Large residential transactions can become complicated. It pays to have an escrow company that has experience with luxury transactions and all that comes with them.

And More

As your escrow agent, you can trust Scout Title to provide customized services to meet the unique needs of your client’s transaction.

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Why Clients Choose Scout Title

Our Commercial & Luxury Residential Expertise

Scout Title is experienced with commercial and luxury residential transactions, and that expertise allows us to provide efficient escrow services for larger, more complicated transactions.

Our Innovative Approach to Doing Business

We invest in innovation, technology, and personnel to ensure that we’re able to provide efficient, effective services to our clients.

Our Proactive, Consistent Communication Style

Real estate transactions are hectic enough. As your Texas escrow agency, you can expect regular communication about the process and progress of your transaction.

Our Team-Based Approach to Problem-Solving

We partner with our clients to form a single team dedicated to ensuring a smooth real estate transaction for every party involved.

Our Customized Client Experience

Each real estate transaction is unique. That means each client is unique, and Scout Title always provides unique solutions for them. There is no one-size-fits-all service at Scout Title.

Efficient, Experienced Escrow Company for Texas Real Estate Transactions

Scout Title is committed to helping Texans get the title, escrow and other closing services they need toward a secure, smooth closing.

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